Thursday, 14 August 2014

APM1 (Arduino 1280 based) Arducopter software

I've just acquired an older Arducopter quad and not had much luck with putting the newer versions of Arducopter onto the board because of its limited memory capacity. With a lot of digging and searching for the right Arduino IDEs and software versions - I've managed to build a couple of versions; one as per the source and one with some modules removed to make it fit onto the board. The hex files are attached below to hopefully save someone the pain of searching, compiling and failing. I'll also attach the IDE if you want to verify the code and compile yourselves.

Arducopter 2.3 and Arducopter 2.5.5 with NO CLI

The 2.5.5 firmware also has a few other modules removed as per this thread on DIY Drones.
Please be aware I've not tested the 2.5.5 version (yet) but the 2.3 release seems to fly perfectly well but again I've not tested the flight modes.

 # define CONFIG_RELAY      DISABLED  
 # define CAMERA         DISABLED  
 # define MOUNT         DISABLED  
 # define CLI_ENABLED      DISABLED  

The other files I've used to compile with and from are here:

Arduino 0022 (Relax Patch)
Arducopter firmware sources


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