Monday, 3 September 2012

OpenELEC R11850 1GB image and binaries

New build up - based on a git clone as of 2nd September 2012.
NOTE: The image itself works fine but I had problems accessing any online videos (tested with youtube and add-ons. Maybe I was just unlucky?). Could well be the network I was testing on though so please drop a comment if your build works ok!

1GB SD Image or Binaries


  1. what about bluetooth-support in your image?

  2. Hey, I don't make any changes to the OpenELEC code from their Git repo. I haven't noticed any extra build options to enable Bluetooth so it's either standard in the base image or an option I haven't seen. If it's a build option and you have a link I'm happy to compile again with some common extras?

  3. I will check if my bluetooth-chip will load and my bluetooth-keyboard will connect ... expect my results tomorrow.

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